Threadneedle Street

Threadneedle Street
written by Blur

The time has come
Not to be cautious
He must be careful not to make mistakes
For every half hour
In twenty-four

And operations rose
Faster than they did yesterday
And the lending rates on your side
So there won't be
Much of a problem

Then past midnight
There is a rise
When everybody's asleep at home
He becomes nervous
And sees a change
Today in futures

Watch the markets move from the screen
In a pocket in a grey flannel suit
Read tomorrow's crash today
And check your pulse

Base metals crawled onto the kerb
And softs dropped in a summer turn
And sugar melted in the mouth
Of a rude girl
Who knew a better option

She thinks for a while
And it could be
A long time before he thinks again
And then he looks at the papers
And looks again
Today in futures

Futures ...

Blur超可爱的! 嗯今天的惊喜w
芹菜 | 11/03/24 00:42 | 工作/牢骚(?) | trackback | comment

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